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Let me ask you one question. What do you normally do on Fridays in the evenings? Probably you are in one of the best singles bar in your city and watching the ladies. DO you make it a habit to watch couples having a good time and you too wished you could be part of it? Are you always compelled to finally approach lone ladies knowing quite alright that there is no chance of them rejecting you?

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Well my friend I guess I know your problem. You do not have the confidence to go after more sophisticated and gorgeous ladies. Lack of confidence can be caused by many things and one of them and probably the most important is a small penis. Men with small penises are afraid to approach women.

A small pennis is indeed a social downside. What is the aim of having the ability to enchantment women, if they break out into laughter at the sight of your penis? A huge penus and a steel solid erection are outstanding method of getting adequate first impressions turn into a romantic conquest.

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